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Amazon RDS | Amzon Redshift | Big Data | Boost Performance with Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon RDS with Amazon ElastiCache for Performance: Amazon RDS supports - Oracle, MS SQL server, MySQL, Maria DB and PostgreSQL. It is a managed service offered by the Amazon.  Couple of customers have observed the performance issues during their journey with Amazon RDS with Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Maria DB and PostgreSQL. Amazon cloud engineers / database consultants / database architect and Amazon supports worked to-gather to boost the Amazon RDS performance by tuning the RDBMS configuration parameters using Amazon RDS parameter group , and have not achieved the SLA for Amazon RDS .  Amazon RDS with Multi AZ and Read Replica: Some of the the AWS professionals have suggested for vertical scaling of the Amazon RDS . It should works and its absolutely correct. In my opinion, it would be a good idea to think about the Amazon ElastiCache service with Amazon RDS for better performance and cost optimization also rather than vertically scaling the Amazon RDS . I would suggest Amaz