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MySQL InnoDB cluster configuration | Router | MEM Agent

Configure InnoDB cluster: Install MySQL 8.0.13 enterprise edition Configure MySQL, create users for replication Configure systemctl to manager MySQL Configure InnoDB cluster Prepare Database server for InnoDB cluster: Stop firewall daemon, disable firewall daemon and reboot server #systemctl stop firewalld #systemctl disable firewalld #systemctl status firewalld Update /etc/host file: Following configuration is required to address Bug 28214173 : [SIERRA ONLY] INNODB CLUSTER MEMBERS STOP BY FAILED START OF GROUP REPLICATION   localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4 ::1         localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6 IP_ADDRESS_1         hostname1 IP_ADDRESS_2         hostname2 IP_ADDRESS_3         hostname3 Update /etc/sysconfig/network file: # Created by anaconda NETWORKING=yes Disable SeLinux: Edit file /etc/sysconfig/selinux and set SELINUX=per

MEB - MySQL Enterprise Backup

MEB - MySQL Enterprise Backup perform as follows: 01. FLUSH ENGINE LOGS;     Flush logs of all engines to disk. 02. Copy binlog files start from beginning of backup. 03. Copy non-InnoDB files. 04. Write the meta files: server-all.cnf server-my.cnf 05. Rescan InnoDB tablespace files for schema changes. 06. Remove dropped InnoDB tablespace files. 07. For image backups, copy InnoDB symbolic link files - .isl to the image. 08. Stop copying InnoDB redo log. 09. Create meta/backup_variables.txt, meta/ibbackup_slave_info, meta/backup_gtid_executed.sql files.

InnoDB cluster Remove Instance Force | Add InnoDB instance

InnoDB cluster environment UUID is different on node: To fix it stop group replication, remove instance (use force if require), add instance back Identify the node which is not in sync: Execute following SQL statement on each node and identify the node has different UUID on all nodes. mysql> select * from mysql_innodb_cluster_metadata.instances; Stop group replication: Stop group replication on the node which does not have same UUID on all nodes. mysql > stop GROUP_REPLICATION; Remove instances from cluster: Remove all secondary node from the cluster and add them back if require. $mysqlsh JS >\c root@<IP_Address>:<Port_No> JS > dba.getCluster().status() JS > dba.getCluster () <Cluster:cluster_name> JS > var cluster = dba.getCluster("cluster_name"); JS >  cluster.removeInstance('root@<IP_Address>:<Port_No>'); If you get "Cluster.removeInstance: Timeout reached waiting......" JS > cluster.removeInstance(&#