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MySQL database configuration for Galera Replication | Galera cluster | Multi Master Replication

Configure MySQL Database parameters for Galera replication in /etc/my.cnf file: #Defines the path to the Galera Replication Plugin. wsrep_provider=/usr/lib/ #Semicolon (;) separated list of wsrep options, # wsrep_provider_options="gcache.size=300M; gcache.page_size=300M" # logical name for your cluster. You must use the same name for every node in your cluster. wsrep_cluster_name="my_cluster" #IP addresses of nodes in a comma separated list. wsrep_cluster_address="gcomm://node1,node2,node3" #method or script the node uses in a State Snapshot Transfer, mysqldump, rsync, #rsync_wan, xtrabackup, For instance, giving the node a transfer method of #MyCustomSST causes it to look for in /usr/bin wsrep_sst_method=rsync #logical name for the individual node. wsrep_node_name=node1 #set the IP address for the individual node. w srep_node_address="192.168.0

MySQL | Maria DB Galera Cluster Concepts | Galera Cluster Components

Features of Galera Cluster: Multi-master - Galera cluster is real multi master, all the nodes are available for read and write operation. Synchronous replication - Replication in Galera cluster is synchronous. There is no slave, so there is no slave lag, either write to all node or all roll back. Tightly coupled - All nodes in Galera cluster are coupled tightly. Data on all node is same. Performance - Galera cluster support multi threaded to balance workload No failover - As there is no slave so there is not master slave failover. Hot standby - Standby nodes are always available and have same data, so there is hot standby. Automatic node provisioning - While adding new node to cluster family there is no need to manually back up the database, no need to restore backup to new node. InnoDB - Galera cluster supports only InnoDB engine. Transparent to application - Galera cluster is transparent to application No splitting - No read and write node, all nodes are read a