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Can't add instance to InnoDB cluster

Can't add instance to InnoDB cluster: If mySQL instance is expelled from InnoDB cluster, you tried to add MySQL instance back to the cluster, but cant add it back, you tried to remove it and you can't remove it and got message "There might be too many transactions to apply or some replication error. In the former case, you can retry the operation (using a higher timeout value by setting the global shell option 'dba.gtidWaitTimeout'). In the later case, analyze and fix any replication error. You can also choose to skip this error using the 'force: true' option, but it might leave the instance in an inconsistent state and lead to errors if you want to reuse it. Cluster.removeInstance: Timeout reached waiting for cluster transactions to be applied on instance 'IP_ADDRESS:PORT_NO' (RuntimeError)" Execute following steps: $ mysqlsh JS > \c root@<IP_ADDRESS>:<PORT_NO> JS > var cluster = dba.getCluster() Remove cluster using force:tr