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Singlestore multi node architecture components

 Singlestore multi node architecture components:   Cluster: Cluster contains aggregator nodes and leaf nodes. Cluster is made of all nodes on which Singlestore DB is installed.  Master Aggregator: Cluster contains one master aggregator, aggregator responsible for cluster monitoring and  failover. Master aggregator process DDL, DML, Failover, Reference Tables, CML Child Aggregator: Cluster may have zero or more child aggregator, all it depends on query volume. The child aggregator process DML, and help master aggregator to reduce the load.  Leaf: Cluster could have many leaves. The leaf node stores subset of data set. It could be a part of availability group when high availability is configured.  Availability Group: It is a group of leaves - leaf nodes, stores redundant data. The purpose of availability group is to deliver high availability in case of leaf node failure. Redundancy is configurable via redundancy level.  Master Partition: Data partition stored primarily on leaf node.