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MySQL Enterprise Full Backup - MEB Full Backup Python script

MySQL Enterprise Backup - MEB - Python script: ## Script Name : ## Script Purpose: Execute full backup of the MySQL Enterprise, compress it, check backup job status, email backup log, if backup fail send notification # Import python libraries import os import time import datetime import pipes import socket host = socket.gethostname() date = time.strftime('%Y%b%d-%H%M%S') date1 = time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d.%H-%M-%S') backupdir="--backup-dir=/tmp/backup" + date backupimage="--backup-image=/mysql/<NFS>/"+host+".mts.backup.mbi_" + date image="backup-to-image --compress" logfile="/tmp/backup"+date+

MEB - MySQL Enterprise Backup

MEB - MySQL Enterprise Backup: Backup using backup command: #/bin/mysqlbackup \ --user=<id> \ --password=<code> \ --socket=/mysql/mysql.sock \ --backup-dir=/mysql/mysql-backup-dir-`date +'%F_%H-%M-%S'` backup it will create directory /mysql/mysql-backup-dir-`date +'%F_%H-%M-%S'` --> backup the database in directory /datadir which resides inside the /mysql/mysql-backup-dir.... Backup and apply log: Add following connection id, code, and socket in /etc/my.cnf file [mysqlbackup] host=localhost user=<id> password=<code> socket=/mysql/mysql.sock #/bin/mysqlbackup \ --backup-dir=/mysql/mysql-backup-dir-`date +'%F_%H-%M-%S'` backup-and-apply-log Command will create directory /mysql/mysql-backup-dir... --> backup the database --> Restore database in datadir which is inside /mysql/mysql-backup-dir Note: Backups created with the --skip-unused-pages option cannot be restored using copy-back-and-apply-log. Ref.