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MySQL Group Replication | Group Replication

MySQL Group Replication: Group Replication: It is a plugin build on existing Mysql replication infrastructure features such as binary log, row-based logging, and global transaction identifiers. Group replication is not a regular point-to-point connection, as in classical Replication, but rather a different paradigm: Group Communication. It is a classic modular and layered piece of software, and communication module - Group communication API and Corosync up to MySQL Group Replication 0.5.0. Group replication plugin: Consists of API- Capture / Apply / Life cycle, Capture, Applier, Recovery, Replication protocol logics, Group communication system API, Group Communication Engine ( Paxos variant ), Mencius. It is Paxos-based solution, named eXtended COMmunications, or simply XCOM , which is a key component in the MySQL Group Replication.Key functionalities of XCOM are Order Delivery, Dynamic Membership, and Failure detection .  Paxos is probably the most well known consensus protoc

Nodejs Install | Yarn Install

Install nodejs: Update Yum repository for latest release: # yum install -y gcc-c++ make # curl -sL | sudo -E bash - Update Yum repository for stable release: # yum install -y gcc-c++ make # curl -sL | sudo -E bash - Install nodejs: # yum install nodejs Install Yarn: Yarn is an advanced package management software for Node.js applications. It is a fast, secure, and reliable alternative that any other Nodejs package manager’s. # curl -sL -o /etc/yum.repos.d/yarn.repo # yum install yarn Install dependency: From directory /mysql/admin/scripts/nodejs execute following to install dependency #npm install Ref.: