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Oracle error 1013 during filling up usn avail cache | Error 3113

Oracle error 1013 during filling up usn avail cache: One of the Oracle RAC database environment, I used support for Oracle 11gR2 was facing performance issue. User were not able to insert record in a timely manner. Update was also very slow across entire RAC environment. Customer experience was not satisfactory and system wide performance was impacted. Time to generate AWR, ASH for the Oracle RAC environment. Fun was started, after I looked at the top timed events in AWR, I was able to see the wait class for concurrency , cluster and other, such as Concurrency - row cache lock , Cluster - gc buffer busy acquire , Cluster - gc buffer busy acquire, Other - enq: US - contention , Cluster - gc current block busy, Other - enq: TA - contention . Top timed Foreground Events was also reflecting same wait event in the same class. Top Timed Background Event was System I/O, control file sequential read. SysStat and Global messaging – RAC was reflecting high GCS received on one of the nod