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MySQL InnoDB cluster troubleshooting | commands

Cluster Validation: select * from performance_schema.replication_group_members; All members should be online. select instance_name, mysql_server_uuid, addresses from  mysql_innodb_cluster_metadata.instances; All instances should return same value for mysql_server_uuid SELECT @@GTID_EXECUTED; All nodes should return same value Frequently use commands: mysql> SET SQL_LOG_BIN = 0;  mysql> stop group_replication; mysql> set global super_read_only=0; mysql> drop database mysql_innodb_cluster_metadata; mysql> RESET MASTER; mysql> RESET SLAVE ALL; JS > var cluster = dba.getCluster() JS > var cluster = dba.getCluster("<Cluster_name>") JS > var cluster = dba.createCluster('name') JS > cluster.removeInstance('root@<IP_Address>:<Port_No>',{force: true}) JS > cluster.addInstance('root@<IP add>,:<port>') JS > cluster.addInstance('root@ <IP add>,:<port> ') JS > dba.getC

MySQL InnoDB cluster and group replication limitations

MySQL InnoDB cluster limitations: 01. A group can consist of maximum 9 servers . Attempting to add another server to a group with 9 members causes the request to join to be refused. 02. Limitations and issues described for multi-primary mode groups can also apply in single-primary mode clusters during a failover event, while the newly elected primary flushes out its applier queue from the old primary. 03. Individual transactions that result in GTID contents which are large enough that it cannot be copied between group members over the network within a 5 second window can cause failures in the group communication . To avoid this issue try and limit the size of your transactions as much as possible. For example, split up files used with LOAD DATA INFILE into smaller chunks. 04. Group Replication cannot currently make use of replication Event Checksums . The certification process does not take into account gap locks, table lock, and named locks . Setting a transaction

MySQL 8.0.12 Enterprise Edition Installation on Linux

MySQL 8.0.12 Enterprise edition Installation using rpm: MySQL 8.0.12 enterprise edition require following rpms to install it MySQL database server. mysql-commercial-backup - MySQL Enterprise Backup (added in 8.0.11) mysql-commercial-client - MySQL client applications and tools mysql-commercial-common - Common files for server and client libraries mysql-commercial-devel - Development header files and libraries for MySQL database client applications mysql-commercial-embedded-compat - MySQL server as an embedded library with compatibility for applications using version 18 of the library mysql-commercial-libs - Shared libraries for MySQL database client applications mysql-commercial-libs-compat - Shared compatibility libraries for previous MySQL installations; the version of the libraries matches the version of the libraries installed by default by the distribution you are using mysql-commercial-minimal-debuginfo    - Debug information for package mysql-commercial-server-minimal;